Hi, I'm Alexandre

Cybersecurity Engineer


I'm a Cybersecurity Engineer with 8 years' experience at OVH, the European Cloud leader. I've had several jobs including Tech Lead and Cybercrime Analyst. I'm a convinced open source supporter, even if I also work on proprietary technologies because a lot of companies use them.

  • Name: RINALDI Alexandre
  • Age: 33 ans
  • Occupation: Cybersecurity Engineer (CyberOps)

I'm passionate about Cybersecurity and more particularly about penetration and vulnerability research.



Administration and management of Windows and GNU/Linux servers. Automation through Ansible and Terraform

Cloud Architect

Knowledge on several different technologies : Dedicated server, Public Cloud (OpenStack, AWS, OVH), Private Cloud (PCC OVH, VMWare), Load Balancer (HAProxy, ELB...), BDD (NoSql, MariaDB, Oracle), Virtualization (Qemu, Proxmox, VMWare, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes, Xen)

Website Deployment

Installation, administration and management of web servers into Linux (Nginx or Apache). Possibility to use panels for massive deployments such as CPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin. Compliance with RGPD policy and security principles

GNU/Linux Specialist

16 years of experience in Linux environnment : Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, SlackWare, Gentoo, Archlinux. SELinux, Grsecurity kernel, IPtables


Handle Cyber incidents, Identity federation management, Cyber governance, Digital Forensics, Access management, Risk analysis, Threat hunter, Defensive security, Reinforced server security policy, SIEM (Splunk, Kibana)

Hacking Skills

Used to different tools such as : Kali, ParrotOS, Metasploit, Nmap, Wireshark, Burpsuite, OSINT, OpenVAS and Python knowledges to automate and use scripts. Ethical hacking, Offensive security, Social engineering, Web app scanning.

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